Alessandra Tonelli is considered a fashion system expert, whose competence has been consolidated through the years: from the art lyceum in Carrara to the Parson’s school in New York. Her never-ending curiosity took her to every corner of the world: from Miami to Paris, without forgetting her Londoner experiences.
A finest interpreter of the female beauty thanks to a constant pursue of design perfection that she developed through the years spent in the style departments of shoe factories of the Italian regions like Tuscany and Marche where she refined the Made in Italy footwear technique
Her creations sees a woman always protagonist of her own sensuality, free from any prejudice
in appearing sensuous.
It is common opinion that Filippo Gabriele’s creations designed by the founder and art director Alessandra Tonelli, are considered among the most beautiful and glamorous, so wonderful that they
can morph any woman into a creature with an irresistible charm.



Every Filippo Gabriele’s creation transmits charm, femininity and sensuality not forgetting elegance, celebrating the seduction which has in the heel its highest point, and portrays a woman who’s not afraid to be sexy.



Every model is born from a blank paper where the designer Alessandra Tonelli hatches shapes and lines bringing to definition an inimitable silhouette immediatly recognizable.
The quality of the creation is the expression of the best italian creative culture which made famous the ‘Made in Italy’ in the world.



Where was the inimitable and eclectic style of Alessandra Tonelli born from?
It’s at the beginning of the 90’s that the designer lives her first experiences as a stylist closely to some of the most representative Italian shoe companies.
There she learned and refined her journey as a fashion designer, always attentive about production processes which, thanks to the knowledge of them, will bring her creations to daring and inimitable realizations on the technical and stylistic level.
At the same time Alessandra Tonelli frequents the fashion system and the jet set of the period, adopting and interpreting in an eclectic way styles, fashions and cultural trends.