All our stores are in premium locations/malls delivering “High Fashion” shopping experience to our consumers. Outside our homeland our stores are run by franchise partners with eminent experience in the fashion industry and retail know-how
with a strong knowledge local markets. Working as a franchise partner in line with Filippo Gabriele means benefiting from
our experiences in brand management joined with local retail excellence.
The design and realization team has the benefit of the experience that comes from designing countless; store locations. With typical site layouts and plans, architectural specifications, and equipment packages, we are able to simplify the planning process. We also have several design and construction packages available to help you streamline the process.

The entry level dealers usually have Filippo Gabriele
branded fittings in the store, but to a lesser extent
than other solutions.


A Medium dealers are multi-brand retailers carrying a medium assortment.
Filippo Gabriele always owns the rights to the brand and store concept.
The Medium dealers usually have Filippo Gabriele branded fittings in the store, but to a lesser extent than Flagship dealers.

A corner shop is a clearly defined space in a store or department store dedicated to Filippo Gabriele. The corner shop has Filippo Gabriele fittings and displays and carries a good assortment of Filippo Gabriele products. The corner shop will typically look very much like a concept store on the inside (except smaller), generally without the Filippo Gabriele branded store front.

A flagship store is a full-blown Filippo Gabriele Luxury Shoes
store, which carries a complete assortment of Filippo Gabriele
shoes has a branded Filippo Gabriele store front and is
furnished only with Filippo Gabriele fittings and displays.
The flagship store consists of pure design pleasure that delights all senses.
The philosophy of the flagship store is to offer an inspiring
place. Not just a place where you find design shoes such as
the award-winning Filippo Gabriele but a place where you
find inspiration to buy your own shoe and find your personal
fashion style.
In fact, the store holds a wide variety of contemporary lifestyle shoes.

We offer our franchise system across Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia. Filippo Gabriele provide a complete package that covers all aspects of franchise management as well as a fully detailed store concept designed by Filippo Gabriele .
Filippo Gabriele with his own franchise system provides the following technical support:

- Store Project Management
- Buying support
- Retail Marketing
- Visual Merchandising
- Learning and Development

Performance Management and Store Operations support are only a few advantages of our cooperation.

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